Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anna Karenina Read-a-Long

Yep, I am signing up for another read-a-long, and I vow to one day actually be on schedule with a challenge! Being that the first post is scheduled for tomorrow and I haven't even started yet, I am in for a long night of reading. . . but there are worse things!  I have actually read the beginning a couple of times, so hopefully, I will be able to jump back in relatively quickly. I have been trying to finish this book for several years now. A read-a-long sounds like just the motivation I need in order to actually finish it this time!

Here are the details:

The Anna Karenina read-a-long is hosted by Unputdownables. Visit the website and print the character bookmark to help you as you read along!


Beginning Friday, October 7th and ending Friday, December 30th.
Week #/ dates :: Place in which to STOP
Week One/ Oct.7-13 :: Part 1 Chapter XX
Week Two/ Oct. 14-20 :: Part 2 Chapter VIII
Week Three/ Oct. 21-27 :: Part 2 Chapter XXIX
Week Four/ Oct. 28-Nov. 3 :: Part 3 Chapter XII
Week Five/Nov. 4-10 :: Part 3 Chapter XXXI
Week Six/ Nov. 11-17 :: Part 4 ch XVIII
Week Seven/ Nov. 18-24 :: Part 5 Chapter XV (please note: this is Thanksgiving! Might want to get ahead the previous week.)
Week Eight/ Nov. 25- Dec. 1 :: Part 6 Chapter I
Week Nine/ Dec.2-8 :: Part 6 Chapter XX
Week Ten/Dec.9-15 :: Part 7 Chapter VII
Week Eleven/Dec.16-22 :: Part 7 Chapter XXIX
Week Twelve/ Dec.23-30 :: Finish book! You made it!!  (please note this is Christmas week! Might want to get ahead the previous week.)
Post #/ date post should be up on blog:
Start up Post/ Today!
Week One/ October 14th
Week Two/ October 21st
Week Three/ October 28th
Week Four/ November 4th
Week Five/ November 11th
Week Six/ November 18th
Week Seven/ November 25th
Week Eight/ December 2nd
Week Nine/ December 9th
Week Ten/December 16th
Week Eleven/ 23rd
Week Twelve/ 30th (Final Review)
** Please don’t forget to come to this blog each Friday and share your thoughts in the comments section of my weekly  Anna Karenina  review (see below for more information).**

How it Works:

  1. Each week, on Friday, share your thoughts about the previous week’s reading. If you are stuck on what to comment about, you can respond to my post or others’ comments.Regardless, you MUST check in each week, even if to say you are behind in the reading (two weeks without  a response and you will be taken off of the list — see below for details on why). *please refrain from posting ahead, even if you have read ahead, as to not spoil the book for others*
  2. Feel free to post reviews of the each week’s reading on your own blog (if you are a blogger), and to visit each other’s links. If I, or other readers, have extra time we will gladly try to visit your blog if you also leave a link to your post about this book. However, please make sure to share your thoughts here on this blog, as this is where the main conversation will be happening.

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