Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Mini-Readathon hosted by Sarah Says

1. Tell everyone three random things about yourself:
-I wish I was still teaching!
-I am pregnant and cannot think of a baby name!
-Today is my one year anniversary!

2. Is this your first readathon?
I attempted a readathon once before, but it was a fail! So, I am giving this 12 hour one a try!

3. Do you have any specific goals for today? (# of books or pages to read?)
I just hope to read at least one book. . .trying to not set myself up for failure again! ha

4. Do you have any specific snacks, drinks, or books planned?
crackers and gatorade 

5. What hours do you plan on reading during? (For example, I'm aiming for 10 AM to 10 PM Eastern time).
1:15 PM -1:15 AM

1 comment:

  1. So glad you can join us!

    I hope you think up a baby name :-) My sister is due to have a baby boy sometime by the end of this month, and she STILL doesn't have a first name picked out. It's driving me nuts, LOL.